Hello, we are Paw Natural club! We produce awesome snacks food for Dogs.
We entertain each other with games until we’re too tired. A dogs loyalty to its owner is unmatched, with a dog expecting nothing back from its owner except for love and care. They never lie, cheat, or get offended even whilst we often get angry at our lovely pets. We receive a big thank you from them for a small treat. Dogs are wonderful for all those years they live with us, sharing all the good and bad times together. They feel our happiness and sadness and share our emotions with us. They never talk bad or behind our backs. They don't gossip and they share their friendship and their immense, irresistible love - helping us with our loneliness.

In short they make us experience the love and friendship that you will not often see from any human being. Dogs are our best friend till the end and beyond. That’s why we decided to also try and gift the best to your best friends.

Our Mission

We offer health guaranteed petfood and snacks, made with 100% single origin meat. These values are our business principles; for today and all the upcoming generations. 

We are always transparent about every single ingredient used in the production process of our snacks, shown on the product information on the back of every single product bought from us.

‘De allerbeste snack voor uw hond, zoals de natuur het bedoeld heeft.’

Our super food

We are so proud to be able to present our oven and naturally dried food. All of the healthy and tasty variations awarded for the happy reactions of your pet and quality ingredients, which makes us owners happy too.

It’s important to nurture our pets and give them food that enriches them from the inside out, because what we eat is a reflection of who we are. We must pay attention to the labels and see if what we are really offering is the right one for your needs, in order to avoid certain vitamin deficiencies and to prevent future illnesses. Often it’s not clear what’s in the food we eat ourselves or feed our pets. We feel that’s important to know to be content and prevent any unwanted (allergic) reactions.


A clean, simple, natural diet, free from chemicals and associated fats has several benefits, such as your pet’s well-being, aids in food digestion, strengthens the body’s immunity, greater longevity, better rest and is reflected in your behaviour. In addition to physical health, it also helps with mental and emotional health. We strive to lessen any nutritional deficiencies your pet might have using our simple, but diverse range of products we offer with full natural proteins.


If you’re wondering how to train a dog with noticeable results, beneficial for the dog and the owner, one of the most effective methods is to give them treats, praise, or affection. Most importantly, the best reward to give them is the one that they want the most. If they are food motivated, treats might work better than praise. Our training treats are naturally flavourful and easy to use during training or even just as a snack, all the while being beneficial for your dogs health; it’s two birds with one stone. Patience and human grade meat is key in training any pet and that’s followed by an enjoyable process of learning for the friendship and trust that is pet and owner.

Paw Natural, your 100% premium and high quality meat snack brand. We bring happiness to your pet.








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